Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Dannys Evaluation

General convections of a music video consist of the artist or band lip syncing, having the genre of music reflected in the mis en scene, themes, performances camera work or editing.  All these promoting the artist or band. We established from good wins points that a music video should demonstrate genre characteristics. In our case we established that our genre was’ rock n roll ‘. Characteristics that we established through research of our genre were such things as a ‘live performance’ with one location. We found this was the case in a few Beatles music videos in which we were heavily inspired by. In terms of clothes we stuck to convections we previously established of our genre. We wore matching suits which represented us as ‘clean cut’ and appealing suggesting unity. Looking at Goodwin’s point about the relationship between visuals and lyrics, this was a clear convection of music videos. Our genre of music has many music videos in which the visuals match the lyrics; we chose to develop this by using animation which is completely hand drawn, inspired by what the lyrics say. The lyrics themselves inspire make believe settings which we left animation could only convoy and also tell a narrative. I feel this makes our music video work in today’s age as although it has a dated genre, the animation gives it that edge that would appeal to a younger audience. We felt that the record label of a band would require lots of close ups of the band members, a clear convection we stuck to. This helps connect each member of the band to audiences. We represented each member of the band in a different light showing individuality and sense of character. This helps audience feel they can pick a favourite and establish the lead member. We did this through having the lead singer having more close up shots and generally being in centre of the mis en scene. We saw this was a clear convection within the Beatles music video and members. Goodwin mentions a point about voyeurism, especially of the female body. We didn’t stick to this convention as it isn’t something we felt typical of our genre even more so our chosen song in which the lyrics talk about love and mention ‘sweet’. This helped fuelled the decision to create the animation. Our music video shows intersexuality giving references through mis en scene and costume to other music videos such as the Beatles. Intersexuality with in a music video is a point Goodwin addressed and something we felt made our music video work.

I feel that the combination of our music video and ancillary tasks are very strong. They are all related in terms of themes, colours and images which all help push the genre across. We chose to use images from our music video. This showed us in suits and in black and white. This combination of these images on the ancillary tasks helps provide the audience an insight to what type of genre we are as the black and white suggest a ‘dated’ theme. The ancillary tasks are simple and clear which I feel audiences would appreciate. In terms of themes we established a few from the lyrics such as love and girlfriends. We showed this through the ancillary tasks in using love heart images and using animation that shows reference to couples and love, relating visuals with lyrics. We have a constant black theme to each background of our ancillary tasks; this allows focus on text and images. (We inspired to do this by the Beatles). This also shows audience’s the type of music they will be buying. Love suggests a more female targeted audience, something we were aware of. As well as this, we stressed the importance of selling the artist. This we thought was essential as the audience and market need to be familiar with the band members and their faces. This was done by using individual images of each member of the band, adding to my point previously about showing character with each member of the band. We also used different forms of media to give us a wider market to open up to. Our ancillary tasks meet the convectional layout. This is done through though using quotes and putting the record label logo on our ancillary texts. 
We have been given feedback throughout our project, from student’s friends and teachers. All of the feedback has been constructive and helpful which allowed us to change, edit and discuss it as a group. Looking back, the feedback we received from fellow students and our teacher after our rough cut proved to be the most useful. Apart from the positive points which we were grateful for, we looked into the negative feedback. Points came up suggesting our lip syncing was out of time. We looked back and carefully zoomed in our footage on final cut, this gave us a clearer view so we could hear the point to when the lyric was said and the exact point someone would open there mouth to sing. A point came up about the believability of our TV which was simply a box with a piece of paper on it. We agreed with this comment and cut out the majority of the TV in the music video. We changed the opening shot of Val walking up to the TV to turn it on, to a slowed down shot of us not in focus. I feel this works better in fact as it adds mystery to who’s about to perform. A point was made about the editing of our rough cut. Due to time constraints with the rough cut not all the editing was complete. We expected this but allowed ourselves time after to complete the editing to a high standard. Positive points of our rough cut included the animation. This was especially well received as it was a time consuming task and were pleased it all worked well. We received little constrictive feedback of our ancillary tasks, this was because  it was a rush to complete them on time due to members of our group away that week, regardless, I feel we have done the ancillary tasks to a high standard. When it came to our pitch for our music video we received feedback from Holy. She felt we provided a strong pitch with good ideas but felt suggested another group took on the project of the song we pitched for. We learnt from this and provided a stronger pitch for our next chosen song.
In all stages of making our music video and ancillary tasks we used wide range of media technologies which were incredibly useful in the development of our overall project. When it came to the planning of our music video we used Apple macs. Beautiful in there design, they proved to be very useful. On our apple mac we used a range of search engines such as Google and ask Jeeves. This enabled us to progress in our research in finding other music videos of the same genre. We used such Blogger, a well-known site on the internet. Blogger let us blog ideas as we progressed through the project. This helped us keep all our ideas together a lot like a diary. This let us add photos and videos which where useful in looking back when to get inspiration for our music video. In the research we produced we used a digital camera to upload photos of our location on blogger and analysis these locations to why they fit our genre. During the filming process i used i stop motion to generate animation. This proved very time consuming and taught me a great deal about the software. It was a careful process that would only work if you had a great deal of patience. During the editing process we used final cut. This great piece of software allowed us to edit our footage and animation to combined them and produce a professional music video. Final cut is incredibly effective in tools to help create the look you want. For instance we wanted our entire music video black and white and this was easily done using the software. In the creation of the ancillary tasks we used photo shop. This was a time consuming task as we didn’t have the best knowledge of how to use Photoshop. Overtime we got the hang of it; we learnt a range of skills using the software such as layering images, fading colours and adding effects to the text. This all helped in showing our theme and genre.

Progress During The Task

Progress has been made during the making of our video. The video has been fully edited and is ready to be published on the our blog. Overall we are very pleased with the final product and believe its for filed our expectations, however if we had more lessons to film we would make some small changes in order to make the video more successful, one of these would be the TV, we had trouble finding a suitable looking TV, in the end we had to improvise with a wooden box and some other materials. This was not ideal but in the end and time we were given this was the only other option. As well as this, we were very happy with our ancillary texts. Both the Digi pack and magazine page were both successful in portraying the band and the style of music, we successfully intertwined both ancillary tasks to look the same and have the same theme, this helped portray a certain image for the band that the audience can relate to. I.e the suits and black and white footage. During the editing process, we have taken the time to blog the work we have both researched and completed, this was done by researching past bands much like ours (Beatles) this allowed us to get a good idea of how these type of bands both act and are portrayed and we tried to base ourselves around this. The blogging shows our research into the rock and roll business and how to make our video just as successful. We believe that the ancillary task help successfully portray our band image and are both of high quality. We are currently in the process of evaluating our entire task and editing our final cut of the commentary that will be uploaded on the blog.        


I believe we used and met the conventions of real media for our music video. We were inspired by The Beatles. They are a the band we idolised and felt most in touch with due to the similarity in genre. As well as this, we tried meeting all of Goodwin's points. Within this, we put a big emphasis on selling the artist as we, as a group, felt this was the most important point to meet as it helps contribute to the audience wanting to buy their music. We also met the conventions in the clothes we wore. This included suits, ties and smart shoes which are conventional pieces of clothing for that era. In addition, we used visuals and lyrics through the animation. This both challenged and developed as it wouldn't usually be interpreted with this genre of music however we feel by mixing the tradition styles and new forms of media it gives us a wider market to sell to. We used a black and white effect throughout our production and we feel this was very effective and conventional. We didn't only use this in our video but imported this into our ancillary texts as well and this helped for the audience become familiar with the band and give us consistency. We had no lead singer focus as we felt the band members had equal attributes and skills. The location we decided upon was conventional for the genre of music we used. It was basic, general and easy to follow. We felt that this was the best way to portray the band. Through this I feel this helped represent the band in a positive way. Throughout the video we all are constantly smiling and appealing to the audience with positive expressions and lyrics.

I feel the combination between our ancillary texts and main product is very strong. They link together as they are both simple and tell the audience the genre information easily. As well as this, we stressed the importance of selling the artist. We felt this was vital as the audience and market need to be familiar with the band members faces and this was conveyed well through this technique. In addition, we used different forms of media to give us a more versatile market to open up to. As well as our record label (Syco) meeting genre conventions it also meets standard conventions of the lay out. This is done through putting quotes on our ancillary tasks and putting the record label logo on our ancillary texts.  Despite not having a lead singer we have individual images on our digi pack. This links with the occasional individual footage in our video. Finally, the link is strong as they relate to each other  easily. By this, I mean the colours and theme both match which makes it easier for audience members to link and recognize these with the band if we keep being constant with these features.  

From the feedback we received from the audience we learned many things. These were both positive and negative. Firstly, we were informed on a number of occasions that the lip syncing was out of time on a regular basis. This was relatively easy to fix as we just changed the time of the edit with the music and this has had a very positive effect on the video. The audience also stated that they loved the animation. This was because it was different to what they were expecting and gave the video a good selling point. However, we were notified that the video would work better if we edited to the beat. This would also prevent the audience from getting disorientated. Our feedback was given to us from fellow class members and our teacher. I personally, would say these aren't the target audience for our video as they are too young and don't appreciate the music genre as much as older people. Finally, the feedback told us that we needed to take into account the mise-en-scene. This was mainly for props. The example given was the 'television'. This was simply a wooden box with paper over it. Audience members clearly found it hard to identify the object and therefore to resolve this did a closer shot of it and had animations coming out of the screen. In an ideal world we would have liked to re-film this bit but we didn't have enough time and therefore had to improvise.

In the construction phase we used many different forms of technology. This included photo shop, final cut, blogger and an HD video camera. All of these were used to help construct and edit a successful video. For research we mainly used the Internet. The web pages we used were mainly Wikipedia, You Tube and Facebook. We used these as they are all very knowledgeable sites and have a good contrast of the modern day band and the original band. When we were planning the video the technology we used mainly consisted of blogger.  This was effective in posting what we had done and what we still wanted to achieve. Some of the new skills I've learned from using final cut are very useful. For example, I now know how to import images over the top of speech and this was vital for our directors commentary. As well as this, I believe I am now an accomplished user of Photoshop. I now fully understand this technology where I had big issues before. I now understand how to change text font, size and colour which helps make the ancillary texts look more effective. Also, I can now change the background colour which is vital for setting the scene of the task. Finally, for the evaluation we used an HD video camera for the filming of the directors commentary and final cut to edit this. In addition, we used blogger for posting our progress of what we had done.

Music Video Evaluation

1.    In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Our media product uses the conventions of real media products in the way we designed the image for the band, we used real world icons like the Beatles. We used their concept of music video production and added it into our own video; this was done for example by the use of black and white footage throughout our video. This gives the song a more olden theme which will in turn make the video more popular to more people. The music itself fitted well to the music video; there was a clear connection between the lyrics and the video/animation. This made the video flow more affectively and easier to understand when watching. Having studied a number of music videos of the same indie style of genre its clear to see that they dress the relative same way in most of these, therefore during our video we made the decision to go along with this convention and wear a suit, this both suited the genre and the conventions of the our artists. From analysing indie/rock song most of them are sung by boy bands relating to love or a girl in their life. Our video/song was no different; this meant we had a base ready to build on as the storyline was about a man singing about his girlfriend. Rock and roll story lines are usually easier to understand than other song genres like RnB. Our location was on a stage, analysing some of their Vincent, Vincent and the Villains and other indie band we found that most of them have some kind of scene on a stage performing; this is therefore why we chose to use the stage as our setting. However there were some occasions in which our video did go against the conventions of normal indie music videos, our song was made in 2004, we however went for a retro look/.feel to our video meaning that it looked like a song from the 1960’s, this allowed us to move away from the stereotypical conventions of an indie video and move on more to classic pop or even a light rock look. By doing this help make our video more appealing to other audiences. Having analysed the actual band Vincent, Vincent and the Villains we can see that their music videos have a modern feel, with bright colours and dancing, so again we decided it would be better to go against the conventions of the genre and have a more retro feel to the video. Again we believe this worked very well and intertwined well with the actual song.

Our magazine and DVD cover had all the main conventions of artists before us. For example we analysed a number of different DVD covers and from what we found was that the front cover consisted of the main band/singer etc and the back had either more still images or freeze shots from past gigs etc. so therefore we believed this was the most effective way of creating a DVD cover and used the same conventions by placing the main 3 band members on the front cover and we had still images from the actual music video placed on the back. The DVD should match the magazine advert; we saw this was the case with other artists. Therefore we done the same for maximum effect, our DVD and magazine page matched both in colour and design type. Having the infamous image of the three members of the band on the front of each almost makes it an iconic image for the band that people can relate to when they see it.

2.    How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

The ancillary tasks helped create an effective combination with are actual product in many different ways. For example, our video has the theme of black a white, very much Beatles like, therefore for our ancillary tasks we decided to use the same theme of the Beatles and our DVD cover and magazine page reflect this quote. Also the cover of the DVD shows all three band members in the same outfit as what was used in the actual music video, the effects of using a black background helps make the picture and writing stand out even more. This means the audience find it more attractive and easier to read. From our ancillary tasks people can see the kind of genre of music the band plays and start to see what the bands about by song titles and pictures etc. this will help sell the image of the band. The texts on both ancillary tasks are clear and neat which again aids the audience in reading it clearly and also the text on either task are very similar. Linking both ancillaries and the video itself makes it a more successful product. Our ancillary texts both met the conventions of the music genre by the suits, black and white effect, and also our text help meet the conventions of normal media products such as certificate ratings and music/production companies. Our ancillary tasks met both of these conventions.

3.    What have you learned from audience feedback?

During the creation of our music video we found our audience feedback very rewarding and helpful, as people in our group understood what we were aiming to do and our audience type it made it easier for them to give helpful and positive feedback. When we received our feedback we straight away went to try and edit our video so we fitted in the responses to our video. This is very important because the audience took the place of the audience we are trying to make this product for so therefore we understand that what they say will be something very important to us as they are the main audience we are making this product for and what they want in our video is something we had to consider doing to make it more appealing to the audience. Some of the points raised were that our lip syncing was out of time, of course this is a serious problem in any music video so therefore we worked right away to try and fix this problem, and also we had lots of blank spaces in which our animation had not been added for the rough cut. Once this was completed the blank gaps were filled in with the animated clips to make the video more enjoyable and appealing.  Overall the feedback we got from our rough cut was very good and the points raised were taken seriously by the whole group. We made changes after the rough cut was analysed this included spending more time in order to get the lip syncing as perfect as possible in order to make the video more realistic and better quality. We also filled in the blank spaces with the animation clips and edited them so they flowed perfectly with the video and also fitted them in when the animation linked with the lyrics of the song. We also added more close up shots to make the video more appealing to the audience with close shots of the members of the band as feedback said that they enjoyed this very much. Other factors that needed to be changed were the mise en scene in the video for example the television as this was of a poor quality and simply a box. This was edited out of our video after the video feedback session. Overall we believe that the feedback helped make our video better in a few different ways, it defiantly made the video more appealing to the viewers. 

4.    How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

During the making of our product we used many different forms of media technologies. For example, when planning our work we used the Mac computers using websites like YouTube and other music finding sites, and then we used Google and Bing and other search engines to help find ideas etc. we used a Sony HD camera to film our shots, this helped us get a much better video quality than previous cameras. We also used a standard camera to take pictures of DVD covers and our animated drawings in order to be uploaded. We also used the Mac computers and the software final cut to edit the video and make it come together as a successful video. All the editing was done on the Macs, this included the making of the ancillary tasks as we created them on the macs using the software photoshop. this allowed us to succesfully create a DVD cover and a magazine advert and make it look as professional as possible. We also used blogger in order to blog everything we done in order to keep references of our product.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Video Commentary Comparison

In order to create a successful video commentary we had to look at some previous projects to understand what the audience wanted to see.

The video to the left has good and bad points about the video. Firstly, the group members were reading off a piece of paper. This looks very unprofessional and shows a lack of quality in their work. As well as this, the group members were also perched on the edge of a table. This ,again, looks very unprofessional and shows poor body language towards the audience. However, the speech has good clarity making it easy to understand and interpret. As well as this, the group had a good structure to the commentary. For example, the group had clips of their actual video with the commentary voice over the top, this made it clearer to understand what the group were analyzing. Also the group took it in turns to explain their points, this made it more of a group effort with both the girls explaining their views/points on every topic that came up during the commentary. Also the group clearly thought out the commentary and planned who will discuss what, for example the girls went first then the boys went together and analyzed, this shows that they thought and discussed as a group the best way to go about creating a successful video commentary.    

This video however, using the technique of improvisation and we ,as a group, feel this is much more effective and works a lot better. This helps to relate to the audience better as it feels they are speaking to them directly. In addition, they also show clips of their music video on the screen as well as the whole group still on the screen, this gives the video a more creative look for the audience. The group were clearly speaking and there were no mumbling etc this made the video very easy and clear to interpret what each member were saying/discussing. Much like the video before this group thought and planned how to set out this commentary and how to make it effective as possible.

Professional video commentary

I have chosen to compare our music video commentary to the professional commentary making of Avatar. Although any music video has nothing to do with the film I have chosen it to learn tips and really to understand how a proper video commentary is made.  The editing it the most important use of making a video commentary interesting this involves of the actors and directors speaking, in our case the band members speaking to the audience.  Another way I found was the use of music and sound by having music that goes well with what we are saying. To make our video commentary as professional as possible we need to involve these features and tell a story about the music video and how we made it, by cutting to our music video and using samples of the song while we are speaking.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Ideas for the track list

1. Intro
2. Sweet Girlfriend
3. Jonny Two Bands
4. On My Own
5. Pretty Girl
6. I'm Alive
7. Life's a Table Top
8. Bill don't Cry
9. Sweet Girlfriend (Live at Benicassim Festival)

Commentary Progress

small_classroomAfter filming our directors commentary we have decided on many decisions. These involve, importing our ancillary texts and our music video into the commentary and contemplating where to put them. Throughout the commentary we talk about the ancillary texts, feedback we received during the lesson on our music video, different media technology we used throughout the project and how we challenged or met the conventions of real media. During the commentary we chose a free classroom to film our commentary in, much like the one in the picture (right). We chose this venue as we believed it was low key and easier to audience to relate to us. We dressed in casual clothing for the commentary as this again helps the audience relate to us. We discussed various issues that we came across in the filming process and how we overcame these problems. The discussion also included reviews on how well each of us thought the whole task went and opinions on how well we did as a group. We are now in the process of creating a final cut version of the commentary that can be uploaded and finalized.

Sunday, 5 December 2010


Music video Evaluation.

1.Our media product conventions were used and met to a real media product standard. In our music video “ Sweet Girlfriend” which is by Vincent  Villains, we have tried to involve all of the good wins points. The six points are genre characteristics, visuals/ lyrics, visuals/ music, need to sell artist, intertextuality and voyeurism. I believe the most important good win point is genre characteristics, this is because we need to be able to portrait the band to the best of our abilities to the audience and make it look as professional as possible. Vincent Vincent and the Villains genre is very similar to The Beatles, in fact we were inspired by the 1960 rock band style and tried to make it as similar as possible. This would involve dress smartly in suits and ties like The Beatles, shoot the music video in a similar location as The Beatle would and have the music video effect in black and white to set the mood. By having all of these features in the music video that how we have met some of the good wins points such as visuals/ music and visual and lyrics. The Beatle music video they all make it clear about what they are sinning about as if they are telling a story directly to the audience. We tried to use the exact same skill in our music video which is why I believe that we have met the visual / lyrics good win point. In our music video we have also involved a new challengetive convention which was animation. It was a hard task to involve into our music video because we have never tried to do this before so it was a new challenge. In the end it worked out to be a very high standard and we where really pleased. The need to sell the artist was another big good win point that we needed of have met, this was because the need to sell the music to the audience. I think we met the good win point because not only we tried to recreate similar genre to The Beatle but we also used our own style in the music video which made it interesting and kept the audience attention. Other good win points such as voyeurism, we as a band have no control over because we are not the audience there for we can not get the pleasure from it by watching the music video. In the band I represent the lead singer, there for my main job was to memorise every lyric and try to lip sync it to the best of my ability. 2.I believe that the effect of our music video and ancillary task is very effective to the audience. We tried to use the same background in our dig pack and magazine cover and make the mood very similar to our music video which is in black and white. I believe because of these feature it will help sell the product much better. The font and colour of both product magazine cover and the DVD is very simple but also at the same time very bold and effective. Once again we were inspired by The Beatles and tried to be as similar as them as we could. I believe by doing this same type of audience who like The Beatle would like our music to because its similar genre. At the same time we would like to show new audience what type of music we do and get them involved to. If you look at both of the products you can straight away tell that both of the are linked even without reading the text because they are the same style which is what we tried to achieve. 3.The audience feed back was mostly positive. In fact the only thing wrong with our music video from the audience feedback was at some places the lip synching was out of time. Also it was the rough cut version and not the final product so we had time to improve it. In the rough cut version there were blank spaces that were not filled because we ran out of time for the rough cut deadline. Despite these errors overall the audience really enjoyed our music video where they said that they all like the location, the song fitted in well with the lyrics, really liked the black and white effect but most of all the audience loved the animation effect in our music video. After the rough cut version we made quite a lot of changes to our video. First of all we filled in all of the blank gaps with footage or animation. Another thing we have done was we rearrange some of the music timeline to make it look more suitable to the lyrics. Last but not least at times where the lip synching wasn’t at our best we have either replaced it with better footage or animation, which overall made the music video look more realistic and professional. If we had another chance to do the music video the different things perhaps we would of done is use different camera angle types to create a warmer feeling to the audience, also improve our lip synching as a group and maybe even introduce some special effects. 4.Overall we have many media technologies to create our music video. These involved from basic research by using Google, Youtube and other search engines to using standard photo cameras to take pictures of the location and other material. To using a Sony HD video camera to film our music video, to applauding it and using apple final cut to edit the footage and create out video which made it look god. We also used such programs as Photoshop to create the digi pack and magazine cover. Overall we found the technologies pretty simple to use and got the hang of the straight away, this was because maybe in the past we have used exact same programs or even similar programs. Although we understood the programs there were times where we struggled to use them for example to create some sort of effect in the final cut or to add something to a photo in Photoshop but we resaved help and managed to sort everything out.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Directors Commentary Script

I believe we used and met the conventions of real media for our music video. We were inspired by The Beatles. They are a the band we idolised and felt most in touch with due to the similarity in genre. As well as this, we tried meeting all of Goodwin's points. Within this, we put a big emphasis on selling the artist as we, as a group, felt this was the most important point to meet as it helps contribute to the audience wanting to buy their music. We also met the conventions in the clothes we wore. This included suits, ties and smart shoes which are conventional pieces of clothing for that era. In addition, we used visuals and lyrics through the animation. This both challenged and developed as it wouldn't usually be interpreted with this genre of music however we feel by mixing the tradition styles and new forms of media it gives us a wider market to sell to. During planning we researched some possible locations, taking pictures and making notes.  We were inspired by a Beatles song which used the same location through out the music video. We were more intrigued as the Beatles were of the same genre as our chosen song. Having just one location allowed more focus on the band. It also saved time as we didn't have to travel to other locations to film, allowing all our focus and technical support to stay in one room. We chose to film in the drama studio. This gave us a mis en scene which we portrayed as a stage and curtains behind it, typical convections we established previously. This keeps in tune with the genre, giving it a dated 1960s feel to it. Recent songs that have produced a similar music effect are Outcast ' hey ya '. Throughout the video the band is represented as a fun loving band that can be easily related to by the audience. This means that the audience is always going to have a positive opinion of the band and will look at them as role models to aspire to. This again, was interpreted by our desire to be like The Beatles.

I believe the combination of our music video and ancillary tasks are very strong. They are all related in genre, font and themes as well as pictures. The genre is 'rock n roll' which we have shown through matching suits and the use of guitars. Audiences would relate us to the Beatles from looking at the ancillary tasks and music video, due to the black and white pictures of us wearing suits. This gives audiences an idea of what music they are buying and the type of genre we are as a band. In terms of font we have used...
In terms of themes we have used terms from the lyrics such as 'love' and 'sweet'. This inspired us to us love hearts for instance in our magazine article. this also inspired the animation in which it follows a couple in 'love'. The pictures shown in are ancillary tasks are black and white. This is done on purpose as it gives an incite to what the music video will look like. It also adds to the genre of music. Black and white suggests, dated music

From the feedback we recieved from the audience we learned many things. These were both positive and negavtive. Firstly, we were informed on a number of occasions that the lip syncing was out of time on a regular basis. This was relatively easy to fix as we just changed the time of the edit with the music and this has had a very positive effect on the video. The audience also stated that they loved the animation. This was because it was different to what they were expecting and gave the video a good selling point. However, we were notified that the video would work better if we edited to the beat. This would also prevent the audience from getting disorientated. Finally, the feedback told us that we needed to take into account the mise-en-scene. This was mainly for props. The example given was the 'television'. This was simply a wooden box with paper over it. Audience members clearly found it hard to identify the object and therefore to resolve this did a closer shot of it and had animations coming out of the screen. In an ideal world we would have liked to re-film this bit but we didn't have enough time and therefore had to improvise.

In all stages of making our music video and ancillary tasks we used wide range of media technologies which were incredibly usefull in the development of our overall project. When it came to the planning of our music video we used Apple macs. Buitiful in there design , they proved to be very usefull. On our apple mac we used a range of search egines such as google and arsk jeeves. \This enabled us to progress in our research in finding other music videos of the same genre. We used such Blogger, a well known site on the internet. Blogger let us blog ideas as we progressed through the project. This helped us keep all our ideas together alot like a diary. This let us add photos and videos which where usefull in looking back when to get inspiratoin for our music video. In the research we produced we used a digital camera to upload photos on blogger and anaylis these locatoins to why they fit our genre. During the filming process i used i stop motoin to generate animatoin. This proved very time consuming and taught me a great deal about the software. During the editing process we used final cut. This great piece of software allowed us to edit our footage and animatoin to combined them and produce a proffetoinal music video. Final cut is incredibly effective in tools to help create the look you want. For instince we wanted our intire music video black and white and this was easily done using the software. In the creatoin of the ancillary tasks we used photo shop. This was a time consuming task as we didnt have the best knowledge of how to use photoshop. Overtime we got the hang of it, we learnt a range of skills using the software such as ..

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Analyisis of a previous students Digi-pack and magazine advert



Ideas behind the ancillary tasks

Looking back at when we started the ancillary task, we had a group discussoin to what would work and what wouldnt. we combinded a few ideas and did some research to what was out there. We were heavily improvised by the beatles. At first it was difficult to put our band into a cirtain genre but after some research we felt it was 'rock n roll'. this was due to there not being that many bands like Vincent Vincent and villains out there. They best fitted 'rock n roll' in our opinoin from the 1960s, much like the beatles and beach boys due to there clean cut lyrics and matching suits. When starting our digi-pack and magazine we researched some existing examples.

We really liked the black theme against the white font. This made the title stand out and was catching to the eye. We were inspired by the beaming light showing the beatles, which we origannly tried to produce but die to time constraints we simplyfied our idea. After establishing some features from here that we liked we went on to look at photos from our music video we could use. We perposefully chose photos from our music video instead of taking pictures in cirtain locatoins becuse we felt they were of a high standerd already and it saved time.

We then went on to start the digi-pack, as i mentoined before we had time constraights which resulted in us simplyfiying some things, but overall i feel the digi pack is of a high standerd at keep to our chosen genre.

This is our final digi-pack, its ticks all the boxes as to what has to be incopourated. Theres a clear image of the band that shows us on the same level, almost singing to the audience. This catches the audiences attentoin, connecting us 'the band' with the audience. We are wearing matching suits, showing we take pride in our appreance. This all gives signals to the type of music of the band , 'clean cut' for example. Using nicknames within our names, relates us with the audience, giving them an beter incite to who we are , there for pushing them to buy the digi-pack. On the back we have incopourated the nessorcery logos and barcodes to add to the believbility to that this is an actual digi-pack, giving it an proffesoinal look. We have also show close-ups of each member of the band. This sells us as idividuals aswell as a band. This allows audiences to pick there favrouite meber for instance. It also suggest we are tallented singers, adding to the selling facter of the band and digi-pack.

  Moving on the next part of task , we starting producing the magazine, selling our single ' sweet sweet girlfriend'. I felt more confident in the desinging of this task and took a lead in creating the magazine cover. i started by looking at existing examples.


These are dated but clear examples of magazine adds selling the bands single or band its selve. These examples showed me that a cirtain amount of features have to be incopurated such as websites or logos e.t.c Tokyo tramps have a clear photo selling them as a band aswell as there success and tour. They include quotes and names of the band. The beatles provide the name of the single as well as lyrics. These features that i identified were best incopourated into the final design.

Above is our final magazine cover. From the points i learnt and made above , i developed a beter understanding to what else had to be on a magazine to sell the band and single. I used a pink and black theme origannly which was a link to the single 'sweet sweet girlfriend' which plays on the valintines theme. I toned the pink down and used found a picture which represented our video due to the animation and love hearts. I used the ' vincent vincent and the villains' title of there previouse single. This was due to the font and that it also saved time. The picture of the band shows them as a group, showing them well dressed in suits. acting on the point i made above with the digi-pack. We have quotes, logos of companys , prices and 'out now' signs. This all acts together to sell the single. The colours work well together, making the band stand out and suggesting theres a love theme. I chose not to use close-ups of the band as the layout above allowed more room for a focus of the bands name.


What typical font would you expect to see on a 'roll and roll' digi pack and magazine cover ?

The typical colours you would expect to see on a digi pack and magazine of our genre would be ?

How would you think the artist would be sold?

What would you expect to see in terms of pictures on a magazine or digipack?

Would you expect to see links with the music video and the magzine, in terms of lyrics or visuals?

Where would you suggest the lables should go on the magazine ?

Do you have any recomendments to what photos we should use ?


13U1-45 Music DVD Cover

Magazine Advert

magazine CCgroup u1 45 x
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Friday, 26 November 2010

Record Label

The record label we have selected to represent our band is Syco Music. This is the well known company owned by Simon Cowell. The reason we chose this label is because it is world wide and has links in the market of our line of music. As well as this, it is a modern and up-to-date company who will have all the latest equipment and technology when it comes to issues like downloading. They are also well know for their clever and effective marketing strategies. In conclusion, we believe all these points put togther add up to make a great link with out band, digipack and magazine advert.syco-music-logo-738902177-1

Friday, 12 November 2010

Analysis of a Digi pack cover and Magazine Advert


This Digi pack cover is of the same genre of our music video and band and therefore we feel this is a fitting comparison for us to analyse and base our digipack on. This has given us inspiration for our digipack as the band is similar to ours and was a worldwide success. Analysing the digipack we feel the simplicity is effective in capturing the audience’s attention. The black background compliments the bands characteristics and makes them stand out. The picture at the front represents them in a different light. This is because they are all dressed differently, some not even smiling but it shows them for who they are. This makes audiences connect more with them and therefore feel more obliged to buy the Digi-pack. The gold writing adds elegance and symbolises the success of the band. Overall it looks very attractive.

 The picture on the back shows the band in a respectable role showing audiences the band can be good role models and have been successful, as there audience we feel this may reflect in there music. They have typical band characteristics in the photo compared to the front. The difference in the two photos shows the versatility of the band and opens up to a wider market of target audience. The picture on the back has the band in its traditional and stereotypical clothing and this is what the audience will be expecting.


In this magazine cover of ther beatles we see them in matching suits showing they are an unnity within the band. The letters The Beatles is in bold writing  gives a clear focus on the main part of the magazine, selling the artist. The picture of the band show Paul and John having a larger proportoin of the photo, this tells me they are more important and are lead singers. The other two are shown more equalually without much personality shown. This is beaucse they have a smaller proportoin on them in the photo and are touching eachover symbolising there joined with less character and importance.
  The cver also includes the name of a company of which the band has appeard om 'WQAM'. This helps to sell the artists as it tells the auidience who they are and that they are successful and therefore worth buying the digipack.

Costume Design

The costume design we opted to use for this particular video was formal. We decided to dress up in suits and ties. We felt that this was the most appropirate for this song genre and also helped to meet Goodwins beliefs easier. With the video being black and white, it didn't concern us that the suits were different. With it being black and white, this helped to show the unity between the band and equality. The band we based ourselves on was 'The Beatles'. Their trade mark outfit was a standard black suit. As we are a band with a simliar sound to them, we felt this was the appropriate attire wear and also suited the decade they were in. Although wearign very similar costumes, we still wore them in our own unique way as we felt it was vital that each member of the band had their own look and image on the band. All in all, we feel that the costumes in our video look very effective and fit the genre.89_The_Beatles Beatles

current progress

Currently our music video is coming along very well. We have edited most of the video in final cut and right now currently making the final touches in the video. One thing that we are trying is to add effect to the animation to make it look more professional and more appealing. The effects that we are adding to the animation is stylizing vignette, which rounds off the animation edges, and also darkening the border to make it look more effective.  Another part of the music video that we touched on is the TV we made it look more realistic by zooming in on the original video clip and adding effects.

Overall our music video is well edited and has good features such as the music video is in black and white, animation, effects.  I think that as a group we have managed to meat the criteria deadlines and have the final music video ready on time which will be converted from Final Cut to Quick Time Player.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Front of Digipack

As part of the music video task we must create a digipack for our music video. Digipacks are special DVD/CD's that give a different dimension to the whole music video. The digipack is generally released for special edition songs/ special occasions etc. the usually consist of the bands greatest hits and have a number of music videos on them, the digipack consists of a number of different cd's. For the front of our digi pack we will be using bold/exciting font to make it stand out. its important that the font is the main attraction on the front cover as this sells both the artist and the video. the digi pack will have an image on the front cover thats related to the artist, music genre and the actual music video. For our main picture we shall have either guitars or men in suits as this relates perfectly to our band/ music genre. the digipack must also have a special feature on the back which states there will be a DVD commentary, this is also our overall evaluation of the whole music video task.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Shot types

In our music video we have used a range of shot types from mid-shots to show the band as a group so the audience can identify that its a group singing together.

Picture 35
We used close-ups for the audience to identify with the lead singer.
Picture 36

we incorporated Long shots to show more of location.

we also experimented with shot types. To show we have improved since previous years.

Star Analysis

Lady-GaGa-American-singer-001The star i am going to analyse is Lady Gaga. Possibly one of the most excentric recording artists of all time and this is what sells her. As well as doing this, she still has an emphasis on voyerursim as this also helps to sell her.The picture to the left backs this point up. Lady Gaga also thrives on being unique and wearing abnormal clothing. This is her USP and is what people know her for as well as her sining. She does this in every video and performance she does. This includes interviews or publicity stunts. The picture below is when Lady Gaga was interviewed on 'Friday night with Jonathon Ross' and yes, that is a telephone on her head. However, this is all part of the act and is what people have come to expect and love.


Using i-stop motoin and final cut

In our Music video we have a section of animation. This produces an entertaining narrative yet still sticks to Goodwin points. When it came to creating the animation I had to draw each frame by hand. At first this was enjoyable and creative but over time it became more of a chore. After two weeks of drawing i had enough to use for I-stop motion and capture it. Using I-Stop Motion was relatively straight forward. It was case of being careful to line the next frame directly with the previous to make it a continuous clip.  After filming it all i was left with 14 seconds worth of animation which was less than expected. This then brings me to the next process which was ,editing, with 14 seconds worth of animation using final cut we we're able to repeat shots speed them up and slow down shots.


It was then a case of editing the footage we filmed with the previously filmed animation. A task I thought would be simple but had its difficulties. At one point we lost the animation and I had to re-Film the majority of it which was very time consuming. When editing the footage I used colour correction to make it black and white to fit good wins points. We faced the difficulty of re framing shots as, me on the guitar , didn't fit the rhythm of the song and looked out of sync but I feel we have over come that now by excluding the strumming so it inst noticeable. It wasn't as harder task as I thought to match up the lip syncing with the lyrics. In places we had to slow down the shot by a fraction or speed it up to finely tune the lip syncing as possible. We are now in the final process of the editing. Taking into account the teacher's and pupils comment and now editing to make our video as good as it possibly be , fitting it into the genre of music and good wins points.

Picture 33

analysis of past music videos

To aid with our music video we are going to analyse past students videos to see how they have matched goodwins key points and how they have created an effective music video. The first video i looked at was the music video of group 54. Their video (shown below) uses the green screen affect placing different animated backgrounds for effect. This technique is difficult to achieve as this affect can be over used and this will create a less effective music video. I believe that in this video they have overused the green screen affect making the video less effective.

Auteur Theory

In 1971, Landis returned to the US and made his feature debut as a director with Schlock. He was 21 years old. The film, which he also wrote and appeared in, is a tribute to monster movies. The gorilla suit for the film was made by Rick Baker and this would be the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Landis and Baker. Schlock was a failure, and Landis was not offered another directing job for some time.
In his own words, he "parked a lot of cars" during this fallow period. In 1977, Landis directed Kentucky Fried Movie. The film was inspired by the satirical sketch comedy of shows like Monty Python, Free the Army, The National Lampoon Radio Hour and Saturday Night Live.

In 1978, Landis directed his first film for Universal Studios, National Lampoon's Animal House, which was both critically and financially successful. This created new opportunities for Landis under Universal's umbrella.
In 1980, Landis co-wrote and directed The Blues Brothers, a comedy starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. It features musical numbers by R&B and soul legends James Brown, Cab Calloway, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and John Lee Hooker. It was at the time one of the most expensive films ever made (cost: almost $30 million) (for comparison: the earlier Steven Spielberg's contemporary 1941 cost $35 million). Some believe that Spielberg and Landis engaged in a rivalry, the goal of which was to make the more expensive movie. The rivalry might have been a friendly one, as Spielberg makes a cameo appearance in Blues Brothers.

Marking Criteria or Our Video

One area we have decided to alter is framing a shot, including and excluding elements. In our video we came across a problem with the shot and framing in a certain part. The problem was a guitar was blocking the face of the lead vocalist at certain parts. Although this only happened on a couple of occasions for very short periods of time, we want our video to look as good and effective as possible and believe this looks sloppy. However, we had sufficient footage and this meant that we could easily replace this mistake. The new footage is just as good and still meets the points made by Goodwin. This shows good versatility of the group and shows we are willing to listen to feedback and take in board constructive criticism made.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Responce to teacher feedback

In response to our feedback from Holly we have agreed with the comments made from her. We have decided not to film again as we feel we have enough footage to cover up what we are going to change. As well as this, we will swap some of the current footage for animation. We feel this will be more effective in certain areas and will relate to the narrative more. We are also considering using a split screen as it will show more versatility when it comes to shot types.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Teacher Feedback

Well done on your rough cut U1-45. I think you have met genre conventions really well. your choice of costume and performance style is in keeping with the track. There is also some good shot variety in your footage, and a shift of focus between the band members works well.
Th animation sections are effective as they match Goodwin's point of visuals and lyrics. The drawings are artistic and visually interesting.
I feel that the framing at the beginning could be improved and if you were to take advantage of a re-shoot I would try and capture some of this band footage again. You could also try and experiment with editing techniques such as split screen.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

responce to feedback

We have read through our feedback and we agree with most of the comments stated and we will do are upmost to ensure that its dealt with before are final is published. As a group,  we will take all points on board and would like to thank everyone for their fair refelctions on our video.

Music Video Feedback.

We thought that the music video was very good because it had exceptional animation which would have taken hours to do and the black and white shots too are also very effective in portraying the genre of the song. It represents the goodwins points with having useful visuals to lyrics and visuals to beat which is shows through effective cuts. By having them all in suits it sells the artist by making them look professional. However some of the lip syncing is out of time.

Music Video Feedback.

U1-41- LOVED the animation, it was really well done. Black and white editing and the costume seem to fit the style of song. Visual and lyrics worked well together. On some parts the lip syncing seemed to be a little out, other then that good used of camera angles. I'm guessing the blank areas are going to be filled in with something.... Well Done :)


very good and interesting video
good use of i-stop
will be better when completely finished 
nice suits
Goodwin points - good use of voyeurism and good lip syncing and use of visual and lyrics also the video fitted with the genre of the music, people will relate this to videos they have already seen with this genre.
u1 44
Good Things:
  • Really like the animation!!
  • The opening was really cool :)
  • Black and white footage looks good
  • The song fitted the look well
  • Location was good
Missing things/Could be improved:
  • Slightly out of sync in places
  • Obviously there's empty spaces that need to be filled..
Goodwins Points
  • Sells the band
  • There's not much voyeurism
Overall we really enjoyed it :) !!!=

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Draft Digi Pack and Magazine Advert

The main idea of the magazine advert is to sell the DVD music video. on the front cover we will have the band posing for a photo shoot type picture, much like the one below, this will help sell the artist and help promote the DVD. we will be wearing the same suits as in the video and we will line up for the photo in the same way as we did in our video, (Danny left/ Val middle/ James right) this again will work in contrast with the actual video. Appearance on the front cover is important as it sells the band and video, if we look like an attractive/interesting band then people will read our article and become interested and watch the video. We have to make an advert for the inside of a magazine, for the advert we must have a number of key elements in order to make the advert successful. Firstly the advert must have the band name and title of the song. Secondly the advert must have a release date on it and where the DVD can be purchased from. Extras that could be added are media reviews and star ratings also any other effects like writing, colouring, picture designing and any other extras. all of these will help promote the DVD video. From looking at past students music videos i can tell that people underestimated the effectiveness of a music video advert in a magazine. for our advert we will have an A4 page with the band name placed at the top and our model type photo placed in the middle of the page, all the info about the music video placed around the side of the picture. this means that the photo is the main focus on the page and it will immediately attract the attention of the readers to the page, much like the magazine page below. quotes from other media sources like newspapers, selling companies and record labels explain their thoughts on the music video and a star rating system so the audience cna immediatley see how good the ratings are for the video, this in turn will make the audience read on more into the advert and learn more about the band. we will ahve information about the song and the band, this will give the first time readers an insight into our band, there will be a link to our facebook/twitter page etc where people can learn more/follow the band. this is creating more of a wider audience because most people like facebook and twitter etc so they can easily access information and songs from the band. this is also an easy way to keep the fans happy with easy accessable content of the band.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Vincent Vincent and the Villains

Vincent Vincent grew up in Hatch End an area in the London Borough of Harrow. He later moved to East London's Bethnal Green and after leaving Art College decided to start a band. In 2003 he formed Vincent Vincent and the Villains and released a limited edition single on Smoking Gun Records in 2004 called On My Own.

With the band gaining local notoriety they were then talent spotted by Young And Lost Club who signed the Villains and put out their second release song Blue Boy. As well as Neill Kidgell on bass and Alex Cox on drums, the band at this time had two front men (Vincent himself and Charlie Waller) Waller left shortly after in 2005 to pursue his ambitions with his childhood band The Rumble Strips.
The final months in The Villains were described as stifling, unpleasant and impossible and inspired the song Johnny Two Bands which would be the bands first major release, taking the melody from a previous song Making Raindrops. Vincent Vincent found a new bassist and guitarist in Will Church and Tom Bailey (who were friends from college, and with whom Vincent worked in the Ten Bells pub), and the third single I'm Alive was released on Young and Lost Club Records in April 2006.
This secured a record deal with EMI, with 'Johnny Two Bands' being chosen as the debut single. This was performed on Top of the Pops in October 2006. The band re-released On My Own the following year in October 2007. The next single Pretty Girl was released on 25 February 2008 on CD and digital download. The album Gospel Bombs was released on March 10 2008. A third single off the album was planned for May 2008, but due to ongoing problems at EMI Records these plans were shelved.

After being dropped by EMI the band cancelled most of their summer dates, but appeared at Benicassim Festival 2008. They played their final gig together at 93 Feet East, London on September 13 2008.  After the last performance the band split up and went their separate ways, since then not much is known about any of the band members.

This was their first released music video called Johnny Two Bands.

This is their other single that was big.

Current Progress

Since the filming process it has been non-stop work for group U1-45! However, I believe we have coped exceptionally well and are on course to not only complete our project in time but also to a high standard. The editing has mainly consisted of using final cut for editing our footage and i-stop motion to record our animations. Danny has been selected to do the animations as we, as a group, believe him to be the best artist out of the four of us. So far, we haven't undergone any problems that have effected our editing process. This is vital as it has saved us time and proved we prepared properly.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Our filming took place on Tuesday at our second location which was the drama studio at Long Road 6th Form college. Overall our filming was very successful and we as a group managed to capture every shot that we wanted to be in our music video. At first the where some problems with the camera and the set.  We where not sure how to make the set look as professional as possible because on camera it did not look right and some parts looked out of place, but at the end we managed to sort it all out and make it to a high standard. We also had some problems with the camera, this was because it was a new HD camera that we have not used before. After some practise we managed to get it working the way we wanted and the filming was on the way. During the filming everything went as planned and smooth and overall we are really pleased with the footage we captured and we think that it will all tern out professional and planned.    


Friday, 8 October 2010

mood bored

Analysis of past students work

This is a video of past students work. This video meets most of the Goodwin points and is what you would call a 'typical music video'.

 Firstly, they are constantly selling the artist. every shot involves one of the two main members of the band and this is essential for an unknown band as it is harder to forget them. It also meets the standard genre characteristics for a song of that genre.It is a typical 'lads' song and this is portrayed in video. It shows them having a laugh and messing around, disturbing the community in the process.

On a few occasions the visuals meet the lyrics. The main scenario that sticks out is when the line 'BPC' comes in. At this point in the song a band member usually either writes 'BPC' or shows his stomach revealing 'BPC'. As well as this, the video also contains visuals/music. For example, the music consistently changes on the beat.

This looks effective to the audience as it fits in with the style and feel of the video. Another Goodwin point that is met by these artists is voyeurism. Throughout the song, the band members are wearing branded clothing and hats. This is vital for brands as there is a gap in the market for sponsoring the band members. By doing this they will be forced to wear their brand and this will be seen by everyone watching the video. The effect of this is that fans will want to be like their role models and may purchase the same brands as they want to look and be the same.

Finally, the only Goodwin point not met is intertextuality. However, with the genre of the song there is no need for this point to be met. When you compare this style of song with other music videos, very few of them contain intertextuality. It doesn't fit in with this style of music and would look completely out of place.

In conclusion, this music does meet the majority of Goodwin's points. The only point it doesn't meet is intertextuality and this is understandable as it would look out of context with the style of song and genre. Overall, a good humored music video that is very effective for its target audience. 

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Shot List

This page shows all the different types of shot we will be using during our filming.

Location Change

This is our location that we are going to film our music video in.
We have changed our location due to the fact the Long Road 6th Form College Main hall was not available to us.  We think that our new location can bring so much more to our music video then the original location.

Target Audience

Here is the letter we used to contact the band. We chose to do this via facebook as most people in this modern day use this technology. We expressed why we wanted to use it and what for and can't see any reason why they would reject.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

How our music video meets the Goodwin points.

Goodwin's points are used to produce music videos that portray the artist in a certain way. the main goodwin points are:
. link between video and lryics
. links between genre and visuals
. genre characteristics
. inter-textual reference.
. voyeurism
. record label

Our music video will meet the first Goodwin point by having certain clips in animation showing what is said in the lyrics. In the song the phrase 'sweet sweet girlfriend' is repeated through out the song, we will meet the lyrics by showing animations of the artist and his girlfriend. we will only match the lyrics and film up together through animation, as we believe this is a very affective way of portraying the video. through out the video we must not have to much animation or make the animation to literal otherwise the video will not have the same affect.

The second Goodwin point is the link between genre and music. the genre for our music is a mix of 1960's pop to country folk. we have modeled the ideas of our video on the Beatles, due to their music videos from this era. they wore suits and ties, smart clothing and their videos were in black and white. therefore, for our video, we will follow this genre and wear suit and ties, and our video will be filmed in full black and white in order to give the same affect. this will make our video match the genre of music from this time.

The third Goodwin point is genre characteristics, the genre characteristic for this video is related heavily to the Beatles. for their videos they are all dressed smart in suits, we will be having the same in our video as this matches the genre characteristics perfectly. Also having researched some Beatles videos we can see the effectiveness of making all the band members a close unit, for example in nearby all of the Beatles video the group are filmed together so it shows that the artists are close and this helps sell the artists.

intertextuallity in our film is going to be simple. we are going to be wearing suits so its hard to promote other products, in the Beatles films you hardly ever see any kind of intertextuallity, for our music video we will try and incorporate some kind of intertextuallity, this could range from clothing to other kind of labeling like props or locations etc. our idea for intertextuality is to incorporate any kind of branding we may be wearing and try and promote it, this is because its hard to promote branding in our music video.

voyeurism in our film will be incorporated by making us stand out by dressing smart in suits. this will give the main actors sex appeal and the main focus of the viewers will be on them, its difficult when we are dressed in suits to stand out, for example like Beyonce wears tight leotard making her figure stand out and making the audience focus entirely on her amazing figure, for our video this is difficult to achieve, so we have gone for the Beatles type approach and dressing smartly and this will be enough to attract the viewers attention.

record label for our film is going to be zimbo productions. this record label will be promoted in the video both in the beginning and in credits. this will make it clear who our record label is.


This was done to give me a better idea of how to create animatoin. It showed me how effective the process can be. This more importantly showed me that animatoin needs lots of time and effort.

Call Sheet

Date- 8th October
Time-First 30 mins:
get into costume and film the opening chorus and verse
Second 30 mins- Film another chorus and verse
Thrid 30 mins- Film remaining verse and chorus and clean up location

Director-Daniel Chiverton
Costume Designer-Joss Nunn,Valentine Agafonov
Camera Man-Joss Nunn
Sound-Vincent Vincent and the Violins
Animator-Daniel Chiverton
Props-James Seymour

Actors-Valentine Agafonov
James Seymour
Dan 'the man' Chiverton

Location- Long Road assembly hall

Friday, 1 October 2010

Story Board and Time Line

From U45-Year 13*

From U45-Year 13*
 A storyboard is a picture that is animatedly drawn or 3 dimensional that tells the story of what you are trying to tell. Story boards are often used in media planning in the first steps of production. The lay out the flow of the story with rough sketches, usually one or two frames for each key part of the story. It gives the persons they are selling the production to an idea of the story in a visual form, rather than having to give them a script.  
From U45-Year 13*

The Beatles

The Beatles were a British music group whose songs are among the most universally accepted music recordings of the 20th century. The Beatles, who revolutionized popular music around the world, were at the forefront of a movement in rock music known as the British Invasion. The British Invasion was a name referring to the tremendous effect that British rock-and-roll bands had in the United States during the 1960's. From 1960 to 1970, the Beatles achieved unique popularity with 30 songs reaching the Billboard magazine top-ten popular music charts. The Beatles were adored by the world in the 60's and 70's, and even today their music is loved by millions. The group was formed in the 1960, and broke up in 1970. It consisted of four Liverpool-born musicians. They were John Winston Lennon, James Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr who’s real name Richard Starkey. Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best as drummer. Pete Best as drummer original member of the group. The Beatles created a unique and varied sound that fans continue to enjoy and bands continue to model. One of their greatest albums was the creative Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. This particular album was admired for it's harmony and lyrics. The Beatles were unafraid to challenge the world with their new music, and changed rock and roll from what is was into what it is today. After 10 years of being together in 1970, the Beatles broke up.

We as a group were particularly inspired by The Beatles because for their unique music style and for what they stood up to in their time. Also the song that we had to do was very similar to The Beatles style which we were very pleased with as they were a big inspiration to us.

This is a animation video we where inspired by. When coming to drawing we would like to use similar effects and text in the same way.

This video was useful as it has the Beatles in just one location using a variety of shots. This is something we hope to achieve.

Mise en Scene

 Mise en Scene is arrangement of scenery and properties to represent the place where our music video  is going to be enacted.

An important element of "putting in the scene" is decor, the objects contained in and the setting of a scene. Decor can be used to amplify character emotion or the dominant mood of a film.
    This is the music video set the curtains will create the mood that is similar to the Beatles videos.  Also the music video will be in Black and White which will also help to create the 60s theme because our song is based on that style.

The intensity, direction, and quality of lighting have a profound effect on the way an image is perceived. Light and shade can emphasis texture, shape, distance, mood, time of day or night, season, glamor. It affects the way colors are rendered, both in terms of hue and depth and can focus attention on particular elements of the composition. As i already mentioned that the music video will be in Black and White to create a 60s feeling once again the lighting will set the mood and the scene.

The representation of space will affects the reading of our music video. Depth, proximity, size and proportions of the places and objects in the video can be manipulated through camera placement and lenses, lighting, decor, effectively determining mood or relationships between elements in the story line.

Costume simply refers to the clothes that characters wear. Using certain colors or designs, costumes in narrative cinema is used to signify characters or to make clear distinctions between characters. We will be wearing suit and tie to create the 60s smart band look.

The props that we will be using are 2 acoustic guitars which will be used by two of the band members while the other one will be signing. Also we will be using a TV where the camera will zoom into for the transition to animation.
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